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DIY Instructions for DIY McQueen & Friends Costume Kit

Lily & Frog is not responsible for damage or poor results once the application process has begun.

Application and Washing Instructions for Vinyl Iron-On

Prewash fabric and read all instructions BEFORE beginning. DO NOT use a HOT iron with children present.

Knowing your images:

  • There will be multiple tiny pieces in your shipment.  Please check your package for all the pieces; i.e. 2 headlights, license plate, etc.  Check the images in the listing to confirm you have every single image you need for your character.

Surface Preparation (Per the manufacturer):

  • Use a hard, heat resistant surface.  Do Not use an ironing board.
  • Set a cotton pillowcase on hard surface and garment on top.
  • preheat the iron on medium/ high-temperature setting (a cotton setting).  NO STEAM.
  • Iron the cotton pillowcase and garment to remove the wrinkles.

Ironing your Image into place on FABRIC:

  • Preheat iron to cotton/high-temperature setting. NO STEAM. Lay fabric flat on ironing surface, being sure to smooth wrinkles with iron.
  • Place the image FACE UP on the fabric. Any adjusting MUST be completed now; the image cannot be moved once ironing begins.
  • Iron the image in sections using firm pressure.  Evenly heat the whole image, especially sealing the edges of the image for 10-15 seconds, being sure not to burn the image or the fabric.  Per the manufacturer, do not move the iron, as you can burn the image.
  • From my personal experience with this product; once you have ironed the images for 15 seconds and the image has cooled check the corners and edges to ensure adhering of the fabric.  If the edges are not adhering, press the iron in a circular motion for about 10-15 seconds does the trick.  Repeat if needed. If edges are peeling with transfer sheet, iron again. DO NOT iron the vinyl directly.

Washing & Drying Instructions:

  • Per the Manufacturer:  "Wash by hand in cold water.  If soiled, use a small amount of liquid fabric softener in water.  DO NOT use detergent. Lay flat to dry. May tumble dry on a low setting."
  • From my personal experience with this product: when running through a washer, the image will be wrinkled and faded.  I have the best result when the item is washed in cold water and a color safe detergent.  Hit it with the iron again to iron out the wrinkles.  It will not look exactly as the day created but will be close.

Troubleshooting - Read all to help avoid problems:

Fabric Paper is beginning to turn yellow:  The heat of the iron could be TOO HOT; burning the fabric paper and image.  Confirm heat setting is medium/high-cotton temperature.

Fabric Paper is not adhering to fabric:  Iron may not be hot enough.  If iron is not hot enough, it will not be hot enough to adhere. Confirm heat setting is medium/high-cotton temperature and attempt to apply more pressure.

Edges of the Fabric Paper are not adhering to the fabric:  White ironing, it is important to apply the most pressure and heat to the edges of the image.

Any questions or concerns, please e-mail info@lilyandfrog.com. xo, B