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How to Measure for Sticker Designs

Festive, bright and colorful signs are a wonderful way to add character and personality to your wedding, birthday, party, special event or more...

To determine the size of your sign, you will need to measure your frame, chalkboard or board.  Each board is slightly different in size, especially is the board has a scalloped frame, etc.


Measure the INSIDE of the frame; from left to right and top to bottom


When choosing the size of the lettering; from the drop down, choose a size about 3/4 to 1 inch smaller than your measurement.  For example; if this measurement is 8.5x12.75, from the drop down, choose 8x10 size for lettering.  The lettering will arrive on an 8x10 sheet to adhere to the 10x12 board.  

If you have any questions, or the design needs to be adjusted from horizontal to vertical, please contact Elizabeth at info@lilyandfrog.com, adjustment will be made to the design.