LEOW & Mom Designing Clothing & Keepsake Blankets of Memories xo, B
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Our Story

Lily & Frog is locally Owned & Operated in Southern Connecticut by Elizabeth, a proud Law Enforcement Officer's Wife and Stay at Home Mom of two smart, enthusiastic, mischievous, and dynamic children.

Lily & Frog began as a outlet for Elizabeth to help wives, mothers, and families create keepsake blankets designed of sentimental articles of clothing and accessories (also to clean out a few husband's dresser draws).  Quickly Lily & Frog evolved from designing keepsake blankets to creating Supportive Police Family Clothing, designing twirling tutus, sparkling birthday ensembles, festive holiday outfits and MORE!


Lily & Frog is the true definition of a Home Run Business.  Run entirely by the family...  Elizabeth creates her designs, organizes photo shoots, and meets with clients in between play dates, dance class, work schedules, school activities, Tee Ball games, volunteering in the kid's classrooms, all while attempting to master the fine art of cooking dinner, remembering to hide the baskets of unfolded clean laundry in the living room, and occasionally making it out to a Barre or Pilates Class...  Elizabeth's husband enjoys sending her ideas for T-Shirts and Kid's Clothing, and watching as she creates new blankets from the kid's clothing.  The kids are also a huge help in brainstorming Halloween costume ideas, requesting dress designs, inspiring T-shirt ideas, and more.  L is even learning to use our cutting system for creating clothing for their stuffed animals and from time to time she is learning to use the sewing machine and hand sewing her own designs.  



A GIANT Thank you to all of our spectacular clients for their constant support, smiles, and understanding.  All items are designed solely by Elizabeth, as a LEOW and SAHM running a small business from home with two toddlers running around her feet...  Family comes first.

xo, B


Little Known Facts About Elizabeth:

  • She writes like she talks.  She uses an unnecessarily large amount of words to describe things and chats as though her life depended on it.
  • The first time she saw her husband, she knew he was The One.
  • When cleaning the house, she sings at an obnoxiously loud volume, out of tune, and dancing along with a Swiffer Dance partner.
  • If she can wear a scarf everyday, she would!  Unfortunately, the summers are quite warm in Connecticut and a scarf would not work out too well.
  • She goes to the gym about 5 days a week...  A year ago you would find her running 4-5 miles 4 times a week, running was her relaxation and time to breath from a chaotic day.  After years of ballet in her youth and running as an adult, her knees are not too happy about a 5 miles run.  Instead, Elizabeth has discovered Barre (that is B-A-R-R-E nor Bar, lol), Pilates and training with Jolene at Anything Goes Fitness...  All of which have inspired her workout clothing!
  • Everything is way more fun with a little glitter, shimmer, and shine!
  • Along the glitter and shimmer topic...  YES, that is grey hair you see in the pictures of Elizabeth.  She had been coloring her hair since Freshman year of High School, then at the rip old age of 32, she Embraced the Sparkle, deciding to let her grey hair grow out...  She grows her own Sparkling Hair!
  • If she could wear high heels everyday of the week, she would!  The higher the heel, the better, a 4" heel or more every time!

xo, B